well, i could’ve told you that

Therapist: Life is too short.

Me: Actually, I disagree. Life is not too short. Life expectancy has increased, what, 20 years in a generation? And none of it is particularly good for any of us. People are taking longer to get their shit together — 50 years ago, having no kids, being unmarried and not owning a home at 36 would have made me a bonafide spinster. People are having to work more years in order to be able to afford this increased lifespan, and I’m sure the reason why only, what is it, 20 percent of executive offices are held by women is because the 80-year-old men who should have retired 15 years ago are still working, so there’s no room for growth. People are raising teenagers and caring for their elderly parents at the same time, and those 10-20 years we’re tacking on at the end, for the most, are filled with dementia, false teeth and adult diapers. So really, life is not too short. It’s too long, and that’s a problem.

Therapist (writing): Whacktart… nutbar… crackpot…



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