is “metro head” a thing?

That moment when the person belonging to the feet you saw beneath the Metro seat sits up, and you realize that the person sitting next to that guy is not in fact a child, but a young woman.And you wonder if anyone would be so ballsy as to attempt Metro head at 1 in the afternoon.

And then you think maybe she’s exhausted or sick, so you feel like an asshole. But your grad school professor did tell you to cultivate a dirty mind, so at least you’re a top level intellectual master asshole. So you win.

(Unless she really was giving the guy Metro head. Then he definitely wins).

incest is best, put your sister to the test

Remember yelling that during “Rocky Horror”? Apparently, Riffgenta is about to be A-OK.


“Genetic sexual attraction.”¬†¬†Basically, having a romantic attraction to someone to whom you’re genetically related but haven’t had a familial relationship. Or something. I don’t really know. But apparently this is something “normal”.

As a liberal, progressive, educated woman, I should be accepting. Understanding. And to that, let me say this: