You’ve reached the automated Dunder-Mifflin voicemail…


Apparently, there’s a possible revival of The Office (US) in the works. I don’t see it working. Star Jenna Fischer expressed some insightful reasons why the prospect is problematic.

Putting aside the more general discussion about the boons and curses of resurrecting television shows of yesterday, I’d be more inclined to a spin-off focused on a few characters, rather than trying to recapture the ensemble magic that, frankly,  largely faded after Steve Carrell’s departure (save for the last two or three episodes).

Greg Daniels, I humbly submit my pitches:

“The Office: Austin” — Jim, Pam and Darryl at the sports marketing company. Pam has joined them as a graphic designer.

“A Michael Scott Joint” — Michael’s life as a stay-at-home dad. Co-starring Amy Ryan as Holly.

“The Kelly and Ryan Project” — Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novack break up and make up every episode.

“Czesch, Nellie” — Catherine Tate navigates life in Poland with the baby Ryan abandoned, constantly looking over her shoulder for the U.S. authorities to show up and take it back.

“The Unbreakable Erin Hannon” — Ellie Kemper + Joan Cusack + Ed Begley, Jr. = MAGIC

“Meet the Shrutes” — What happens when Dwight and Angela win the lottery?


I’d be thrilled to come on as your head writer. Or you can buy any of my ideas. We’ll talk price. And royalties.

Kiefer Sutherland for President

Just saw a commercial for “Designated Survivor” that included the tagline (line breaks to indicate words shown on screen):




And then I had a horrific fear that the next screen would include the words “YOU BY THE…”.



(The last word in the ad, just to reassure you, was BEGIN)