What’s going on here?

I once heard someone say that “no offense, but…” really means “you will be offended, and…” It’s a rather brilliant insight. So, with that in mind, vilkommen, bienvenue, welcome.
There will be no cabaret here. However, there may (and likely will) be:
– snark
– sarcasm
– political incorrectness
– rambling
– film/tv criticism
– tangents
– musings of the cognoscenti and/or the literari and/or those who fall into the exact opposite categories of the aforementioned categories
– geekery
– romantic counsel
– things that will bunch your panties, twist your knickers, get your shorts in a knot
– popular culture
– unpopular culture
– -isms and anti-isms
– that which my father would refer to as romantic and/or philosophical bullshit
– recipes
– recreational mockery
– one-sided admiration societies
– the occasional musical interlude (Okay, so the cabaret thing is not out of the question.)
We shall try to avoid/minimize:
– political endorsements
– nudity (mine or that of anyone I know, at least without permission)
– poor grammar
– actually intentionally offending (but will not make blanket avoidance of that which might, maybe, possibly offend)
– to be continued if anything else comes up, but those seem like a good, solid start.
Just for fun, let’s add one of those swanky little disclaimers we’re all so fond of:
Everything I think, say, and write is my own opinion and subject to intense debate, review, and change. Including the above list. Oh, and this is all in good fun. I hate that I have to specify that. I blame society. I’m going to go eat chocolate now…
…okay, I’m back. Are we all in understanding? All right, then. Away we go.

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